How couples can overcome fights

Everyone fights and knowing how couples can overcome fights is crucial

It’s important that couples understand from the very beginning of their relationship that things will not be perfect all the time and they will have their share of disagreements.

It really doesn’t matter if you have just begun dating or have been together for years, it’s simply human nature that will prevent people from seeing eye-to-eye all the time and it’s much easier to a person learns how couples can overcome fights once they happen.

Sometimes people are just having a really bad day or don’t feel well and they take it out on there mate because they happen to be the ones who are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Learning how to smooth things over after a fight

Arguments and fights are going to happen regardless and it’s really important is how you deal with the aftermath of a disagreement.

Relationships suffer most if bad feelings are left to simmer and are not addressed. The key to pretty well any relationship is effective communication.

If you have a fight and go to bed angry and nothing is resolved, it is almost guaranteed you will be depressed the next morning.

Things just don’t get better on their own. This is especially true if things are said in the course of an agreement that are particularly hurtful.

It’s a fact that the longer two people stay together, the better they get to know each other. Eventually, they know exactly what to say to get the other person going.

They know just what switch to turn on that is sure to fan the flames of the disagreement. However, this has an upside as well. If they know their mate that well, they should also know the best way to smooth things over once the dust settles.

When the fight is over it’s best to have a cooling off period. That might mean going off on your own for a short time.

Even just a walk around the block could be enough to do the job, or possibly it will take a few hours. One very important thing to remember is to try not to go to bed angry and leave the issues unresolved.

It’s just a really crappy way to wake up in the morning.

Stress often triggers fights between couples

Quite often fights between couples stem from stress and just the difficulties they face in everyday living.

We take it out on the people we care about the most simply because they happen to be there, and perhaps because we know they will be understanding. Maybe that is why the wedding vows include the words, “for better or for worse.”

If couples wanted to make the aftermath of their fights less emotionally stressful, it would help immensely if they took the time to devise a plan of action for just such situations and have a good understanding of how couples can overcome fights when they do happen.

If they set down a few general guidelines to follow when the time comes when they don’t see eye-to-eye on something it might go along way toward restoring calm.

For instance, you might decide that after an argument you will have a designated cooling-off period that does not drag on for days or even over-night.

After the predetermined period you agree to meet and talk about what caused the conflict in the first place. Each person might be given a chance to let their feelings be known without interruption and without shouting.

This is a critical point that determines how couples can overcome fight in the best possible way.

This is the point where you do your best to understand the other person’s point of view. This is the point where you might compromise.

Most of all this is the point where you apologize if you realize that you were wrong. Having what it takes to apologize and admit you might have been in the wrong is a perhaps the number one cure when it comes to how couples can overcome fights.


single women cruise ship tips

Here are a few single women cruise ship tips for women who want to meet single men

When single women of any age go on a cruise ship holiday with the hopes of meeting that special someone and perhaps having a holiday romance there are a few important things to remember.

So many women have this big fear of traveling alone and this is one of the biggest drawbacks to meeting an interesting man on your cruise ship vacation.

single women cruise ship tip on how not to meet a man

As soon as a man knows you are sharing a cabin with another women he automatically thinks there’s no hope in getting to spend any alone time with you during the cruise.

singlesizzle- single women cruise ship tips
Maybe you’ll spend the day ashore with your new friend.

Unfortunately when two women share a cabin they often become joined at the hip for the entire cruise and the only time an interested guy sees you is when you’re with your cabin mate.

For some reason many women think they have to spend every waking hour with someone because they are sharing a cabin with them.

Whether you are traveling with someone you planned the cruise with or it’s someone the cruise ship line paired you up with so you could avoid the single supplement makes no difference.

More guys than women will go on cruise holidays alone so they can have the privacy of their own cabin as well as the ability to do what they want when they want.

It’s really not so much that you have a cabin to invite a new male friend to, after all you can just go to his cabin if he’s traveling solo.

It’s more about being free to go for dinner, or spend the day on the lido deck suntanning, or perhaps going ashore to some amazing beach together without your cabin mate tagging along.

Set ground rules if you’re sharing a cabin

If you insist on sharing a cabin yet would like to meet a man on your cruise than it’s important to set some ground rules before the ship even leaves the dock on day one.

Be sure your cabin mate knows that you probably won’t be spending every day and night of the cruise with them.

Make sure they know that if you meet someone you might want to spend the day with them or perhaps have a romantic dinner with your new male friend that doesn’t include them.

Who knows, you might even decide to spend the night in your new friend’s cabin.

Whether you meet someone on your cruise or not it’s best to leave all your options open so there are no problems along the way with a cabin mate being miffed at you for deserting them should you meet someone special.

Make the most of your cruise vacation

It’s your vacation so it’s best to be up front with your cabin mate from the very beginning so you can get full value for your holiday and have the freedom to do whatever you want.

After all, they’re grown up and surely you don’t have to be their entertainment committee for seven days and nights.

Perhaps the most common sensesingle women cruise ship tips is to be adventurous and pay the extra cost of single supplement and have the freedom to do whatever you want for your entire cruise.


Questions to ask yourself about Divorce

There are several questions to ask yourself about divorce

The sanctity of marriage is not quite what it used to be in past generations.

There was a time when people would never consider divorce regardless of how unhappy or unfulfilling their married lives were. Divorce was not such an easy option for many in the days of our grandparents and great-grandparents.

What was it that made marriages of past generations so strong? Was it a sense of commitment and life-long devotion or was it societal pressure?

Things like family and church expectations were strong motivators to stay in a marriage at all costs. Back then the thinking was that once you said “I do” it was for life, and for better or worse meant just that.

Almost half of all marriages end in divorce

Wedding vows don’t seem to be as important now in a generation where forty to fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. People are no longer willing to waste away their lives in unhappy and unfulfilled relationships that simply don’t do anything for their emotional needs.

It makes one wonder how many couples from the old school of thought wasted away their entire lives and led an unhappy existence because they made a commitment years and years ago to the wrong person.

Even today there are segments of society that frown on divorce and feel couples should stay in a marriage regardless of the emotional, mental, and physical ramifications.

So what are the most important questions to ask yourself about divorce before considering it as an option?

Consider your own happiness first

The first thing to consider is your own happiness and level of fulfillment from the marriage. Put your feelings before your children’s because if you are unhappy they will sense it.

On the other hand if you are happy with your situation they will feel secure in their family life. Children have the ability to pick up on a parent’s emotional state and are not easily fooled.

Of course you consider what is best for your children at some point but it’s often a mistake to feel guilty about divorcing and choosing to stay together for the sake of the kids. You may feel that staying in your marriage even it you are unhappy will maintain stability in the lives of your kids.

There is nothing stable about an atmosphere of hopelessness, unhappiness, and depression.

Often couples marry far too young and find that their wants and needs have changed from what they were back when they walked down the altar.

Over time they find that their emotional needs are not being met and a new beginning might be just the answer. Often people who divorce learn quite a lot about what they want in a partner and go on to have satisfying and life-long second marriages.

One of the main questions to ask yourself about divorce is are you are running away from a failed marriage or are you running toward a new and better life.

There is a big difference between the two trains of thought. One will make you feel like a failure and the other will make you feel like you have control of your life and are moving forward despite the social expectations and emotional roller-coaster that comes with divorce.

Why women outlaugh men

The main reason why women outlaugh men is because they appreciate humor more

As a rule, women just seem more light hearted than men and that’s what gives them a greater appreciation of humor.

If someone is telling a joke to an audience of mixed genders there is a very good chance there will be more of a laughter response from the women and it’s really no mystery why women outlaugh men.

Most of the time women respond to jokes more lightheartedly than men because men expect way too much from the punch line.

Women on the other hand are usually eager to find humor in a situation and are more apt to appreciate the joke because their expectations are a lot different than those of men.

Men and women process humor differently

We all have a spot in our brains reserved for processing what we hear and remember.

That same magic spot that people activate when they have one drink too many, snort that costly white powder, or that makes us laugh when we find something to be humorous.

It’s most likely the same magic spot that doles out pleasure as a reward for whatever triggers a response from that corner of our brain.

Because men expect too much out of humor the reward response of laughter is harder to come by.

However, this does not seem to be the case with women. They seem to be much more readily able to appreciate comedy and thus the reward of laughter is more likely to be doled out.

Scientific studies have shown that humor accesses neural systems that are tied in with gender, and goes a long way to explaining why men and women process humor in different ways and why women outlaugh men.

I suspect there is another reason as well.

Men take life more seriously than women

As a rule, men by their nature are just more serious than women. It’s all part of the macho image that so many men insist on portraying.

It’s almost as if some men think if they laugh too easily they are not being very manly.

There are all kinds of tips out there for meeting women at the bar yet the best way to impress a woman and gain her attention is to make her laugh.

What could possibly be more simple?

Yet it’s mind-boggling how so many men blow it with women because they are far too serious.

They spend far too much time trying to impress a woman instead of relaxing her and getting past her guard by injecting humor into the situation.

If you approach a woman portraying an image of being the serious guy who will sweep a woman off her feet with testosterone laden charm, you are pretty much doomed to failure.

Women have seen this act far too many times and if you want to get her attention try and be different from all the rest and make her laugh.

Why women outlaugh men is not such a great mystery and easing the man meets woman tension with humor is the key that could very well unlock a woman’s heart.

Luxury Shopping in new York City

If you love to shop then luxury shopping in New York City is just the ticket

There’s a lot to see in Manhattan, and once you have experienced Central Park, Time Square, and lunch at a Deli Patio people watching it times to do some luxury shopping in New York City.

Perhaps the term “shop ’til’ you drop” was coined with New York City in mind. If you plan to spend a day or two doing a bit of luxury shopping in one of the major shopping capitals of the world, be sure to bring some comfortable walking shoes and lots of money.

You couldn’t possibly go on a shopping spree in New York City without stopping by Tiffany & Co. Where else can you go and enjoy a workshop that explains all about the perfection of a Tiffany Diamond? If it interests you, simply give the store a call and inquire about the schedule for future workshops.

Tiffany’s sells the highest quality jewelry you will find anywhere, but beware of price-shock, because their products are not for those on a very limited budget. The same can be said for their amazing selection of fine china and crystal. All is not lost however, because there are some reasonably-priced selections that make the perfect New York souvenir.

Bloomingdale’s is not to missed on a New York shopping trip

Bloomingdale’s is another New York shopping destination that can’t be missed. There are a few tips to keep in mind that will make your shopping experience more enjoyable. It you purchase over $50 in merchandise, the Visitor’s Center will give you a free gift.

You can avoid the crowds by shopping before lunch and for convenience, you can even check your coat if you plan on shopping for a while. Best of all, it you are from out of town, Bloomingdale’s will arrange to have your purchases shipped to your home.

Saks Fifth Avenue offers some very unique services. As well as gift cards and a coat-check service, they will have your packages delivered to local city hotels free of charge. While you are there, you can even take care of hotel, restaurant, and theater reservations.

If you really want to make a day of it, you can treat yourself to the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon and Spa. Feeling hungry from all that shopping? Saks offers reasonably priced brunch, lunch, or afternoon tea that you can enjoy while enjoying the spectacular view of The Rockefeller Center and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Need a new handbag? Visit Bergdorf Goodman when you’re luxury shopping in New York city

For the best selection of quality handbags, shoes, and accessories, be sure to visit Bergdorf Goodman. The sophisticated shopper can find an extensive selection of designer goods, and if so inclined, antique’s, stunning furs, and a complete range of bridal services are available on the seventh floor.

Don’t be surprised to spot some “very” sophisticated shoppers as up make your way around the store.

Once again you can expect some pretty severe sticker-shock, but if you plan your visit for year-end, you can find some excellent bargains, and besides anyone is welcome to visit and take in the amazing view of Central Park from the North-side windows.

If you are looking for that special holiday be sure to give Luxury shopping in New York City some serious consideration.

Best way to Impress a Girl

Some guys just have no idea about the best way to impress a girl

It’s a mistake to spend all your time trying to show a girl how cool and macho you are and you are nowhere near winning her over.

Your chances of success if you you think the best way to impress a girl is to show how you are better than the rest of the world are slim to none.

If you continue to badger her and refuse to take no for an answer even once she has expressed zero interest, than you are most likely to spend much of your time alone.

Most girls have heard it all before and are probably on their guard to start with and the moment they see you approach they are wondering what kind of line you will have and their defenses are automatically up.

Being yourself is a key to impressing a girl

If you hope to have any success impressing a girl it would greatly help your chances if you tried to be yourself and not what you think they want you to be.

Make every effort to learn about her as a person and instead of doing all the talking, try and do most of the listening.

Learn how to encourage a woman to talk about herself. This in itself will go a long way toward impressing her, as most males mistakenly believe they must do everything in their power to sell themselves.

But the truth is, by downplaying yourself and building her up you are in fact selling yourself to her in the best possible way.

The best way to portray yourself is as someone who is considerate and patient because these are qualities that most females will be attracted to.

Impress a girl by being different from all the other guys

Make her think that perhaps you are far different than most guys who try and gain her favor by trying to prove how great they are.

Absolutely the best way to impress a girl is having a sense of humor and not taking things quite so seriously. If you can make a girl laugh it will go a long way toward lowering her defenses.

Remember that women want to meet someone as well but often they find themselves on the defensive from the very beginning because most men are so predictable.

A winning smile, honesty, and a genuine interest in what a girl is all about will make her sure to want to get to know you better.

Once a female realizes that you see them as much more than a sex object, you are taking the first all important steps toward impressing her.

Women are also attracted to men for several other reasons as well.

Most women like men who are well spoken, self-assured, intelligent, and who care about their personal appearance.

They are especially attracted to good manners as it appears to be a lost art these days. Even with the equality women enjoy on pretty well every front, you can bet they will still appreciate having a door opened for them on occasion.

Above all, prepare to be patient when you find that girl you want to impress. Take the time to get to know her. Let her know that you are interested in her for many reasons.

If you can make yourself stand out from the crowd by the way you treat a woman then you have most likely figured out the best way to treat a girl.

How speed dating works

Have you ever wondered how speed dating works and if it’s for you?

There is no denying that speed dating is the crack-cocaine of relationship building.

It’s fast and furious and you never know how it’ll turn out but in this day and age of so much to do and so little time speed-dating will probably always be around in part because of the format of how speed dating works.

It compliments the busy lifestyle of today as many lonely hearts of both sexes having little time or patience for the fast disappearing phony bar-scene.

If you’ve tried a blind date sometime in your past, don’t think for a minute speed-dating is anything comparable to that potential nightmare. Speed dating is far different than going on a blind date.

The speed-dating concept has been around for a few years, but is continually growing in acceptance as a great way to get out there and meet members of the opposite sex who share your aspirations.

Speed dating can be a classy way of meeting someone special

Usually these special dating sessions are held at very high end restaurants or clubs where you will have a special section all to yourself with no outside interference.

Speed dating services provide a slick, classy, and adult approach to finding your significant other. Many charge up to $100 for a night full of flowing cocktails and tasty snacks.

However, that might not be as expensive as it seems at first blush. After all, you have a great night out and get to date around ten members of the opposite sex.

Of course it’s not really a date and not all that long but you might say you get to spend eight or ten minutes of quality time together.

The main concept of how speed dating works is that you will most likely be given a card with the names of all your dates on it.

Usually you are allotted 8 or 10 minutes with each date before you switch to the next one. So it pays to have a plan in mind before you take the plunge.

Spend your speed date time wisely

It wouldn’t be wise to spend most of your 8 minutes talking about yourself.

Of course your date will want to know a bit about you, but all you really have to do is introduce yourself and just sort of let the conversation flow in whatever direction it takes.

Most of all, if you are a man you will most likely score higher marks if you are more of a listener than a talker.

How speed dating works after you have met all your dates is you simply mark an X inside the “yes” box if you are interested in meeting again or the “no” box if you don’t feel there’s a connection.

If a speed date partner also puts a “yes” beside your first name(or you may be assigned numbers), the next step is to be notified by email that you have a “match” and from there it’s completely up to the couple to take the relationship to the next level.

If you’ve never tried it, you may be pleasantly surprised at how speed dating works for you and you just might end up having a night to remember that leads to new friendships or perhaps a serious relationship.

Best ways to celebrate a divorce

Everyone has there own ideas about the best ways to celebrate a divorce

For some people divorce is so devastating they could never imagine celebrating the end of their marriage.

Yet for others who have had their marriage become a living nightmare they can hardly wait to consider the best ways to celebrate a divorce.

Although almost everyone marries with the best of intentions convinced they are hopelessly in love, relationships between a man and woman have a way of changing once they become legally committed to each other and the lust subsides.

When marriages take a turn for the worse and love is lost and lines of communication are gone a marriage can quickly become a mental and emotional burden.

If that’s the case once the legal ties are cut and you are truly free it most definitely can be a time to think about the best ways to celebrate a divorce.

Celebrate your divorce by hitting the clubs and partying

Hook up with some of your single friends or go it alone, but either way letting lose and letting your hair down is a great way to get back into the swing of things.

Playing the cat-and-mouse pick up games that seem to go hand in hand with clubbing can be a great way to rejuvenate those long lost skills of shallow, mindless boy/girl pick-up chatter that goes on in every single bar in the world.

Even if you’re not ready to start another relationship it can still be fun and a good laugh to play the role and use all your devious skills to lead on someone you are not even remotely interested in.

After all, that’s probably what they’re doing.

An exciting holiday is an excellent way to celebrate a divorce

There’s no need to dwell on the loser you left behind when you cut the ties of your marriage.

What’s done is done and now it’s full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes!

Many, many cruise ship lines offer hosted single cruises and what can be better than spending a week in the sun and sand with about 2000 people many of whom like yourself who have lightened the load by getting rid of the deadwood in their lives?

Be sure to hit all of the thirteen bars that every cruise ship seems to have. Dance all night, see a show, lose your ass in the casino, and visit a different snow white, sandy beach every other day.

When you’re all partied out at the end of the night head back to your cabin to crash with the towel animals that mysteriously appeared on your bed or with the mystery cruiser you picked up in the last bar you visited.

For some people one of the best ways to celebrate a divorce is to wake up beside someone you don’t know and you don’t care if you ever see again.

Now that’s freedom.

choosing a yoga lifestyle

Perhaps choosing a yoga lifestyle is just what you need

If you’re a single mom it can be simply mind-boggling to deal with all the things that are expected of you.

You have to make your kids breakfast, arrange for daycare or drop them off at school and find a way to get to your job without being late.

You have to worry about earning enough money to buy all the things they need and finding time to take in all the extra-curricular activities that kids get involved in.

With all the stress involved with being a single parent choosing a Yoga lifestyle might be the answer to dealing with it and keeping everything in perspective.

More and more parents are choosing a Yoga lifestyle to help them cope

More and more single parents are turning to Yoga as a Godsend that gives them the physical, mental, and even spiritual revival that does wonders in helping deal with the non-stop demands of their everyday life.

Well-versed instructors can teach you the body positions that help re-generate you physically and mentally. You will learn how to be “at one with the Universe” and will come to appreciate the value of accepting serenity into your life.

Make the Yoga lifestyle part of your daily routine

Once you gain familiarity with yoga techniques you can make it a part of your daily routine.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding a quiet spot in your day and taking 20 minutes to refresh yourself by seeking that same serenity when it will do the most good.

Yoga is not strictly relegated to the gym or studio, but can become a daily part of your routine regardless if you are at home or at work.

There is a very good chance that choosing a Yoga lifestyle might be the one thing that gets you through your most trying days as a parent.

Dating after a divorce

There is no hard and fast rule about when to start dating after a divorce

Every individual is different and not every marriage and divorce has the same dynamics so when it comes to dating after a divorce everyone has to do what’s best for them.

Everyone has different degrees of relief, despair, anger, disappointment, and grief to deal with when coming to terms with divorce.

In some cases people were already seeing someone else when they divorced so the question of when to begin dating after a divorce is easily answered, and they just sort of pick up where they left off and when to begin dating after a divorce is not a mystery to them.

Possibly to them marriage was an inconvenience and it was just a matter of going through the motions of a divorce and picking up where they left off.

Yet for many others it could be many months before they even consider dating again after suffering through the emotional upheaval of a divorce.

Dating after a divorce is sometimes put off for more important issues

Often there can be other more important issues to deal with. Usually there are legal issues to deal with and it can be an emotionally draining experience. In the event there are children involved it’s also important to establish some semblance of normalcy for them in their day to day lives.

There might also be financial considerations that have a bearing on the direction your social life takes after divorce. Men may have to make child support payments and for a female who has children to support babysitters and day-care arrangements may be top priority and little time is left to even think about dating.

I think it’s safe to say that beginning to date again is not high on the agenda of most newly divorced men and women.

The time will come when dating after a divorce feels right again

It’s hard to imagine dating members of the opposite sex taking precedent on the “things I want to do next” list when you have just gone through a divorce battle with one of them.

Good Lord! Don’t we ever learn?

Humor aside, it will always be human nature to want to love and be loved. Eventually the hardships of divorce and all the emotions it entails will subside and most likely when the time is right, the newly single will once again be moved to find that special person to spend quality time with.

One thing that has remained constant since the creation of man is that time is the great healer.

It seems that regardless of the emotional impact and scars that life leaves us with the hurt and the grief may always lurk in a tiny corner of our hearts, but will subside enough that we are blessed with the ability to carry on with our lives.

Once a person reaches that stage it will feel right to begin dating after a divorce.